Kitzhof T Shirt Challenge


tee shirt 2
Jean Netupski August 2014



The Challenge

Just for fun we are running a challenge to all our guests to see the most unusual (in good taste only) place you can take a photo wearing one of our Kitzhof Tee Shirts
e.g. in different countries or states, awesome landscapes, with famous people, high buildings, that kind of thing but it has to be creative. We leave that up to you. But you MUST have permission from anyone in the picture before we publish.
Submit your picture to heading "Tee Shirt Challenge" and we will ad your picture to this page and to our Facebook page.
At the end of the year we will have a competition to judge the best entry and the winner will get a Kitzhof prize. So come on Kitzhof Krew get your "Kit On"

Our first entry "At the Grand Canyon"