Sweet 16 Drive
From: Kitzhof Inn To: Kitzhof Inn
Driving Distance: 142.7 miles Time: 3 hours, 33 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart Kitzhof Inn on SR-100 [43rd Infantry Division Memorial Hwy] (North) for 14.9 mi
9:18 AM14.9Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-100 [SR-30] for 8.1 mi
9:27 AM23.0Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-100 [43rd Infantry Division Memorial Hwy] for 7.2 mi
9:36 AM30.2Turn LEFT to stay on SR-100 [43rd Infantry Division Memorial Hwy] for 8.4 mi
9:46 AM38.6Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-100 for 7.1 mi
9:55 AM45.7Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-100 [SR-103] for 1.8 mi
9:57 AM47.5Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-100 for 8.7 mi
10:08 AM56.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-100A for 7.0 mi
10:20 AM63.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto US-4 [Woodstock Rd] for 8.1 mi
10:31 AM71.3 2   At Woodstock, stay on US-4 [SR-12] (East) for 98 yds
10:31 AM71.4Turn RIGHT (South) onto High St for 0.2 mi
10:32 AM71.6Road name changes to Cross St for 0.1 mi
10:33 AM71.7Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-106 [South St] for 1.0 mi
10:35 AM72.7Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-106 for 12.7 mi
10:55 AM85.3 3   At Felchville, stay on SR-106 (South) for 8.9 mi
11:09 AM94.2Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s) for 142 yds
11:10 AM94.3Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-10 [Gassetts Rd] for 0.8 mi
11:12 AM95.1Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-10 for 3.5 mi
11:16 AM98.6Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-103 for 4.8 mi
11:22 AM103.4Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-11 [S Main St] for 142 yds
11:22 AM103.5 4   At Chester, stay on SR-11 [S Main St] (West) for 43 yds
11:22 AM103.5Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-35 [Grafton St] for 3.0 mi
11:28 AM106.5Bear LEFT (South-East) onto SR-35 [Chester Rd] for 4.1 mi
11:34 AM110.7Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-121 [Main St] for 153 yds
11:35 AM110.8 5   At Grafton, stay on SR-121 [Main St] (West) for 98 yds
11:35 AM110.8Turn LEFT (South-West) onto TH-2 [Townshend Rd] for 3.6 mi
11:41 AM114.5Road name changes to Grafton Rd for 3.0 mi
11:47 AM117.5Bear RIGHT (South) onto SR-35 [Grafton Rd] for 3.3 mi
11:53 AM120.8 6   At Townshend, stay on SR-35 [Grafton Rd] (South) for 142 yds
11:53 AM120.9Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-30 for 4.7 mi
12:01 PM125.5Turn RIGHT (West) onto Cross St for 131 yds
12:01 PM125.6 7   At Newfane, return East on Cross St for 120 yds
12:01 PM125.7Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-30 for 2.2 mi
12:06 PM127.9Turn RIGHT (West) onto Grimes Hill Rd for 1.6 mi
12:10 PM129.5Keep STRAIGHT onto Dover Rd for 0.2 mi
12:11 PM129.8 8   At Williamsville, stay on Dover Rd (West) for 5.3 mi
12:20 PM135.1Road name changes to Dover Hill Rd for 0.3 mi
12:21 PM135.4 9   At East Dover, stay on Dover Hill Rd (South-West) for 4.0 mi
12:27 PM139.3Keep STRAIGHT onto Dorr Fitch Rd for 1.3 mi
12:30 PM140.7Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-100 [43rd Infantry Division Memorial Hwy] for 2.0 mi
12:33 PM142.7 10   Arrive Kitzhof Inn